Immersive Cold Water Retreat in Loch Tay, Scotland.

Saturday 23rd to Wednesday 27th September 2023

Join Us in this unique experience

We invite guests to participate in a bespoke ‘Immersive Cold Water Retreat’ on the banks of Loch Tay, Scotland

This retreat is an extension of the success that Travel Matters has experienced with its 2021 & 2022 retreats’.

The experience itself will take place in our favourite Edwardian Lodge on the banks of Loch Tay and runs for four nights and five days. The retreat will be co-lead by Guinness World Record holder for Apnea and Free Diver, Amber Fillary.

Morning swims & cold water immersions in Loch Tay with invaluable information on safely swimming in cold water and the health benefits therein, will be followed by breakfast, mindfulness experiences and physical well-being exercises.

After a relaxation period you will be served lunch and then the afternoons are yours!

Previous guests have explored the immediate picturesque countryside surrounding the lodge, ancient woodlands, cascading burns and the nearby mythical Waterfalls of Archan…all of which is over-looked by the brooding Ben Lawers mountain range.

You are cordially invited to take a step into the great unknown and emerge rejuvenated, creative and powerful!

Sunrise Cold Water Immersion

We will swim in Loch Tay each morning and learn how to safely swim in cold water with breathing techniques, how to heat up your core and understand what happens to our bodies during and after immersion. You will experience the transforming benefits of cold water to the system, from improved circulation, muscle relief from pain and mental health. You are invited to feel the full benefits of cold water to body & mind by not wearing a wetsuit! Whether you just put a toe in, or swim for several minutes, we go at your pace.

Dates: 23rd – 27th Sept 2023 

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