I want to share a bit of my training and experiences in life and hope you are interested in coming on the journey!

A little catch up: I am currently in Dahab, Egypt training for a Guinness World Record attempt for the “longest underwater walk” which is set at just under 90m. The decision to do this record came about like most of my decisions – impulse, someone mentioned this was a record I could try and I thought “ok, why not?”

I have been in Egypt for just over a month, I had just got started with training and then fell sick. It really threw me off and I started to think there was no way I could do the record as I kept coming up all the time well short of my targets. I was having thoughts that I had totally wasted my time coming to Egypt to attempt the record.

Then, it was almost like a light switch – I recovered from being sick and things started to fall into place with my training and objectives. I have now managed to go the full distance needed for the record which and have three weeks of training left before attempting the official record.

Funny story, I went to the dentist and left with a job offer! It is only for four hours a day but breaks up all the attention on my training and the record. This does change things around with regards to my training times so I am going to give it a week and see how it goes. I am a little nervous for the job but lets wait and see.

I hope you will Join me in these few weeks training as I share the highs and the lows. I am also trying to raise funds for another Guinness World Record attempt early next year in Norway for the “longest under ice swim with breath hold” – that’s no fins, no weight belt, no wetsuit and under 34 cm of ice in sub zero waters! If you would be interested and able to assist, I would appreciate any donations through my crowdfunding page.