Two more sleeps… if my nerves will let me!

I’m two days away from the record attempt and my nerves are shot! I had a great max attempt on Tuesday reaching 111m and then yesterday could barely make 50m. My coach suggested I reset and try again this morning – everything felt effortless and I once again reached my target!

I really hope I can carry this momentum into Sunday’s attempt. The second lap seems to be my marker, if I make the turn around on the second lap I have been able to reach the required distance each time – so if I can just keep my mind still enough to focus on the first 60m I know I can go the full 110m required.

Please send me all the positive energy! I will be doing the record attempt 8am on Sunday 28 November. I am also trying to raise funds for another Guinness World Record attempt early next year in Norway for the “longest under ice swim with breath hold” – that’s no fins, no weight belt, no wetsuit and under 34 cm of ice in sub zero waters! If you would be able to assist, I would appreciate any donations through my crowdfunding page.