Hi. I’m Amber.

I am a multiple Guinness world record holder for the longest underwater walk ice swim on one breath in a costume and underwater walk on one breath.

I am also a motivational speaker and artist.

I am passionate about water as a swimmer and competitive freediver. The water calms me amidst life’s struggles.

My Life

About me

I am currently the world record holder for the longest under ice swim with breath held in the female category (no fins, no diving suit), swimming a total distance of 105 metres under 34 cms of thick ice at sub-zero temperatures, all while overcoming lifelong battles with addictions and depression.

“ Don’t let depression and addiction get in the way of your dreams”

“I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.”
~ Martha Washington ~


From teaching swimming to freediving, you’ll always catch me where water flows.


From pep talks to stage talks, I raise the bar and challenge audiences to reach their goals.


Like water, my artistic side flows from brush to canvas, creating custom commissions to share.


2024 World Records

On the 2nd and 3rd March 2024 I set 2 new Guinness world records in Norway


110m Record


105m Record


2022 World Record dive.

Watch it all happen. The ice cold dive. The winning moment!

On 5 March 2022 I broke the male and female world record swimming under the ice in a bikini on one breath.


My Guinness World Record.

Achieving the impossible, against all odds!

After a failed record attempt the year before, I was nervous but better prepared. I was lucky this time. I had the most amazing support team behind me and did what I set out to do in 2020…


Struggles with addictions.

My constant challenge

Since the age of fifteen, I’ve battled with anorexia, bulimia and depression, and in my early twenties, spent mostly in rehab, I started to drink, overdosed on medication and tried to commit suicide on several occasions.

During this time, I managed a few sober years by attending AA meetings. After a nearly fatal car accident while driving drunk, I’ve managed over 13 years of sobriety.

About me

My passion. My life.

I love traveling and meeting new people. I have and am still struggling with some addictions and depression, a constant challenge to overcome almost daily.

By recounting my life’s journey and achieving my dream, I hope to inspire other people suffering like me to realise their dreams.

Sponsors who helped me

I am grateful. Thank you.


What People Are Saying

Sophia van Coller
“It takes extreme courage, determination and natural ability to swim 70m under the ice on one breath. I have watched Amber the last few years grow, overcome and face her fears head on to make her dream a reality. I am so incredibly proud of you, Amber!”

“I had the pleasure of meeting Amber in early 2019. Straight away I new she was a winner. Not just at her swimming but in life. We’ve all had bad times in our life, but for Amber her struggle has been more than many of us. Her can-do, will-do attitude is inspiring and one of the reasons I will go out my way to assist her in all she wants to (and will) achieve.

If you are reading this and thinking should I ask Amber to be a speaker for my event, the answer is YES! Believe me, you and the audience will be moved, inspired and amazed at what she has achieved both personally and on a global scale. Afterall, she is a World Record Holder!

Amber, keep on being you, we believe you in.”

Samantha Bowen

“Despite many challenges and internal battles Amber has always managed to swim towards the light. She is a truly unique person who is honest about her vulnerabilities and modest about her incredible strengths and amazing abilities. Thirty years of friendship and may there be many more!”

Jenny Morrison

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