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I am currently the world record holder for the longest under ice swim with breath held in the female category (no fins, no diving suit), swimming a total distance of 229 feet under 34 cms of thick ice at sub-zero temperatures, all while overcoming lifelong battles with addictions and depression.

My Story

“Don’t let depression and addiction get in the way of your dreams”

Since the age of fifteen, I’ve battled with anorexia, bulimia and depression, and in my early twenties, spent mostly in rehab, I started to drink, overdose on medication and tried to commit suicide on several occasions.

During this time, I managed a few sober years by attending AA meetings. After a nearly fatal car accident while driving drunk, I’ve managed over 13 years of sobriety.

About this time I met my late husband, Leonard, albeit amidst a dark period of my life, as the marriage was short-lived due to his passing from excessive drinking and later kidney failure.

As luck would have it, during my travels abroad and attempting to escape the perils of life, I discovered the sport of free-diving and immediately fell in love with it.

Free-diving gave me a goal to look forward to and a reason for living every day!

My battle with my addictions and depression is a daily battle and has taken so many years from my life, let alone hurting close family, good friends, but mostly myself.

Due to COVID-19 and with it the world lockdown, it has triggered in me a severe drinking relapse, likewise terrified of following in my late husband’s footsteps.

By focusing on my next major goal, breaking the under-ice world record early in 2021 in the male category, I aim to regain my balance, be a positive source of inspiration to others and achieve the impossible again.

My Guinness World Record

With the encouragement of my amazing support team I mastered my addictions and on 29th February 2020 broke the World Record

minutes underwater

feet total distance

cm of thick ice

my experience

My Guinness World Record

After a failed record attempt the year before, I was nervous but better prepared, officially braking the world record the third time round on 29 February 2020 in Oslo, Norway.

I was lucky and blessed to have the most amazing support team helping me every step of the way, with local Norwegian rehab patrons helped with dig the holes and providing safety divers.

Before this, I’d spent quite some months training with coaches in South Africa, learning free-diving techniques and breath-holding, before a brief time acclimatising to the cold.

During the ten days in Norway, I had daily battles with my addictions, my self-destructive demon constantly tempting me to drink, my eating disorder an added challenge as I needed to be in good physical condition for the attempt.

Personally, I could have given in on many occasions, however I’ve pushed through it all, learning I am able to overcome large obstacles and pray that using this as a source of strength, remind myself and others that we can be better, no matter what.

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