Sunday 28 November 2021, I was so nervous, I fought negative thoughts all of Friday and Saturday as my final practice attempt on Thursday didn’t go well at all! Even on Sunday morning I was still concerned and even started thinking about the backup dates I had set for Tuesday and Thursday the following week.
In the end, I calmed my mind, went through my exercises and took that last breath before going under. I knew as soon as I made the turn around on the second lap that I would be able to achieve my goal and set a new record for the “longest underwater walk”(Guinness World Record to be verified).

The old record was 107meters and I reached 109.45meters setting a new outright record – I’m laughing and kicking myself as one more step would have given me 110meters but I still have the record! The duration of the attempt took me 3minutes 47seconds!

My time in Egypt training has been great and adding a World Record to my accolades is definitely made the effort that much better. I owe a massive thanks to my coach Brian Crossland who has spent so much time with me preparing for this attempt. Also a huge thanks to the team that was involved with the attempt – it is surprising to see how many people are involved to ensure everything is officially documented for Guinness to verify the record.

This record and time spent training is part of my preparation for my main goal which will take place in February in Norway, I’m aiming to break the outright record for the “longest under ice swim with breath hold” – no fins, no weight belt and no wetsuit in sub zero water! I broke the female record in February 2020 but want to hold the outright record which will see me pushing myself to try reach 100m! I will continue to document my build up to this new record as I will start to acclimatise to cold water as well as continue to work on my breath hold. Please continue to follow my journey and If you would be interested and able to assist, I would appreciate any donations through my crowdfunding page which will go towards covering the expenses associated with the attempt and officiating with Guinness World Records.