After my under water walk World Record(still waiting for Guinness to make it official), I have had a bit of break but am now getting back into training for the next goal – another World Record attempt to break the outright record for the “longest under ice swim with breath held”. That is swimming under roughly 34cm of ice in sub zero temperatures in a costume with no fins or weight belt on one breath and trying to reach 100m.

I headed back to Germany and then Holland for a break which was good as I also got into the cold lakes in Germany which has started to mentally prepare myself for the ice swim – I forgot just how cold it is, my first few days was a real struggle and I wonder how I managed it in 2020.

The break was great, it even snowed when I arrived in Germany and the same when I got to Holland when I went to visit my sister. I have now headed back to Egypt and slowly getting back on the grind – I know with Christmas and New Year ahead that it will interfere with training but from January it is full tilt towards the goal. I hope everyone has a good Christmas and New Year, stay safe and will post again next year.

I hope you will Join me on my journey as I share the highs and the lows. I am also trying to raise funds to assist with the Guinness World Record attempt in Norway for the “longest under ice swim with breath hold” – that’s no fins, no weight belt, no wetsuit and under 34 cm of ice in sub zero waters! If you would be interested and able to assist, I would appreciate any donations through my crowdfunding page.